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10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Suitable Partner For You


1 He’s Not Afraid To Show Love

He doesn’t care who’s watching. He wants to show the world he loves you.

2 He’d Rather Spend Time With You Than His Friends

There’s nowhere he’d rather be on a Saturday night than with you, no matter what you decide to do.

3 He Always Thinks For Two

He always brings you a coffee or snack if he grabs one for himself.

4 He Goes Shopping With You

He’ll go shopping with you and even help you pick out some great outfits and shoes.

5 He Loves To Snuggle

He’s a snuggler and you just melt in his arms.

6 He Loves Your Crazy Side

He’s willing to do anything with you … and he likes it.

7 Just Doing Nothing With Him Is Fun

You can do absolutely nothing and have the best time.

8 Your Mom Likes Him

Mother’s always know best.

9 He Supports Your Goals

He’ll cook you dinner while you work late to further your career.

10 He Makes You Feel Beautiful

A guy who can make you feel beautiful no matter how your feeling, is definitely right for you. He’s sees the real beauty in you.