Adults Only! Claims Have It That In 2020 Sex dolls With Vibrating...

Adults Only! Claims Have It That In 2020 Sex dolls With Vibrating Vaginas Will Help Men Become Better In Bed

It has been claimed that sex dolls that talk dirty and have vibrating vaginas will help men become better in bed.
According to the company that created the robots, the robots which also have adjustable boobs, will not only satisfy men’s urges, but will also teach them to be better in the bedroom.
The robots come with inflatable boobs, ‘warm’ skin for a more human feel, and a vagina that can vibrate hundreds of times a second.
 Real Sex Doll
Matt McMullen, CEO of RealDoll told the Daily Star Online : “You go the gym, you get stronger.
“Having sex with the robot is only going to help with your ‘skills’. It will get you to last longer in bed, try different positions and be more adventurous.”
In an earlier interview, Matt explained that the skin is a very important part of the robot for some clients.
“Sex robots could prove to be beneficial,” he said.
“Primarily for people who are very shy on coming into the dating world.”
 The dolls will have vibrating vaginas and will be able to talk dirty.