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Trend of Nude Photos Exchange In Recent Times


We wake up to new stories, new trends in all spheres of life, and I can bet some things don’t just match. Someone somewhere will say its the 21st century.

In recent times, it has become a norm for people (especially young boys and girls) in relationships to send themselves unclad photos of their private organs to either prove their love, to show how far they can go for one another, to stimulate their sexual desires or urge at such times of their lives. Some even have a special album in their gadgets for these nudes which seem to excite them.

Every now and then, we hear stories of nude photos that have been leaked online, people threatening their past lovers to do against their wishes because they can easily drag them down by exposing their nudes, and many more stories we don’t even get to hear. That person asking for your nude photo isn’t your spouse yet, even if he or she is, it is still not safe. Remember, the internet never forgets, if you end up in such a mess, it automatically dents your image, the ridicule can lead to depression, you may never get over it in your lifetime. This is actually connected to self control as an individual. Be wise.

Note: Not all trends are signs of civilization.