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Face of Urhobo 2015/2016 Speaks On Language Preservation & Promotion


Today, the Beauty Queen, Face of Urhobo 2015/2016 talked about preservation and promotion of Urhobo language on her facebook page – Okpakpa Ogheneruona Lauretta. She said:


Recently, March 10th precisely, I wrote a post which capitalized on “Urhobo Language Documentation”, as a way through which we can preserve and promote Urhobo language. This is to expatiate our individual ideas.

LANGUAGE REVITALIZATION: This is a process by which the number of active speakers can be increased through political community & educational means. This process can also be referred to as language revival.

LANGUAGE MAINTENANCE: This refers to the support given to protect the survival of the Urhobos from outsiders who can ultimately affect the number of speakers of a language.

From my own point of view, here are some suggested ways that will enhance the preservation and promotion of Urhobo language and culture:

*Parents should give their children basic cultural orientation and emphasize on communication with Urhobo, inside or outside the house. As it is commonly said, charity begins at home.

*Government and non-governmental organizations should organize and promote cultural programs and initiatives.

*Youths should identify more with their culture, visit their home-town and learn more about their historical evolution.

*Teenagers and youths should be encouraged to eat and be able to cook native foods.

*Schools should organize trips to cultural heritage sites.

Why can’t we be proud of what we have? We have our own mother tongue, let’s promote it for prosperity sake. We have the resources and knowledge to make Urhobo acceptable round the world. It may take time but what is worth doing is worth doing well. After all, Rome was not built in a day.

If you don’t say here I am in this crowded world, no one would say there you are. We don’t have to sit in the doldrums of insignificance.

Let’s promote our culture.

Let’s promote our mothers tongue.

Let’s promote Urhobo Nation


FACE OF URHOBO 2015/2016.