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The Indefatigable Strength of a Woman


Never you underestimate the strength of a woman.

A woman is priceless.

She fights for her believes.

We were all given life through a woman.

Picture what life will be without a woman.

She naturally emanates unconditional love.

A woman is capable of multitasking effectively.

A woman conceal her pains to make her loved ones happy.

A woman exhibits courage, intercession, power of words, loyalty, wisdom, and many more.

Amongst many others, these are some biblical strong women:

  1. Jael – Judges 4
  2. Hannah – 1 Samuel 1
  3. Abigail – 1 Samuel 25
  4. Esther – Esther – 1-8
  5. Lois & Eunice – 2 Timothy 1

Never forget a woman’s worth, every woman is a Queen.

Strength of a woman is immeasurable.