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An Open Letter To The New Director General of NIMASA, Dr. Dakuku Peterside


Congratulations Sir on your appointment as the Director General of our great agency NIMASA.

NISir, with tears in our eyes we the NIMASA NSDP scholars in the Philippines are crying out for your help. Please come and rescue us from this suffering, hardship and shame. Starting from early 2015 things have not been normal, our welfare is in great trouble. It is as if the problem is only affecting we the cadets in the Philippines alone because other scholars like us in this same program in Uk, Romania, India Egypt etc are not facing what we are facing.
We are tired of hiding the truth because of fear. Our various schools here in the Philippines are complaining that NIMASA is owing them that’s why they are treating us this way. Our stipends have been reduced to nothing, trainings that we supposed to do as seafarers has been abandoned, no medical insurance anymore because the school cannot reach the agency.
Sir, it will be good if you come down to the Philippines and see what the students your agency sent abroad to study are facing.
Please we are pleading to the Nigerian government, Ministry of transport and NIMASA to come and look into our problems.
Also we want to plead to the Nigerian government and NIMASA to please give those cadets that have already graduated last year and this year the one year required sea time training for them to be world class maritime officers because Nigeria is lacking Mariners, that’s why this NSDP program was initiated.
Lastly I want to thank you for the good relationship you are having with top maritime countries to help build our maritime industry.
God bless Dr. Peterside Dakuku
God bless NIMASA
God bless NSDP program
God bless The federal Republic of Nigeria
Sign: NSDP Cadets in the Philippines.